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Clinical Trial Task Force

Your Expert Team for Special Challenges in Clinical Trials

We all know from our long-term experience in planning and conducting clinical trials: no matter of how good you plan, something unforeseen can always happen that you have not thought about yet, or a risk occurs for which you can’t hold available the required personnel resources for budget reasons, and you have to master this challenge now.

Whether this refers to

  • the rehashing of a trial master file at the sponsor site,
  • the preparation of problematic trial sites for an audit or an inspection,
  • or the balance of interests between a clinical research organization (CRO) and the sponsor:

Our experts can master this challenge and are at your disposal.

Pharmatio has experts available with many years of experience in the operational conduct of clinical trials, which are well networked within clinical research. We can provide experts with the right expertise and experience within a very short period of time to solve your task, either from our own employee pool or through our excellent network.

Of course, our experts are familiar with the current regulatory requirements, are trained on our standard operating procedures (SOPs), and they are working on your project either according to our or your SOPs depending on what is appropriate for the upcoming tasks.

Let’s talk about your challenge and we will solve it for you!