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Clinical Trial Liaison

Successful Patient Recruitment and Performance in Clinical Trials

We know how to make clinical studies perform better than they usually do!

Performing means that the required number of cases for the study is reached within the projected time and the study is carried out effectively and efficiently.

Our Clinical Trial Liaisons (CTL) ensure that the investigators of your clinical trial and their study teams will recruit and retain the required number of patients within the projected time, and will be able to conduct all study visits protocol-compliant and efficiently.

Thereby we have to distinguish two situations:

  1. If a clinical study is already running, priority lies on activating the participating study sites. New study sites can only be added if these study sites by no means can recruit the required number of cases quickly enough. Starting with analysing the clinical study protocol, the CTLs search for the causes for the insufficient patient recruitment and develop appropriate solutions for the study-specific challenges of the study and effective strategies for patient recruitment.
  2. If the clinical study is still in the planning phase the next steps after analysing the clinical study protocol are conducting a feasibility analysis, selecting the trial sites suitable for the study and reconcile them with you as the sponsor. An eventually already conducted feasibility analysis will be critically evaluated and, if the results are not convincing, re-issued with a new design.

The results of this analysis are

  • a strategy for patient recruitment,
  • a dossier with the test centers suitable for the study,
  • an action plan to meet the challenges of patient recruitment and
  • an action plan to make the clinical trials work efficiently.

These results must now be transformed into practice.

In discussions with the investigators envisaged for participation in the clinical study the strategy for patient recruitment is adapted to the conditions of the trial sites and implemented there.

Throughout the clinical trial, our Clinical Trial Liaisons work closely with the investigators and their study teams to ensure that the patient recruitment strategy is successfully effectuated and that the study is performed efficiently at your trial sites.

Avoid with our process model unnecessary amendments to the clinical protocol, whose re-submission to and approval by the regulatory authorities, and implementation at the trial sites means, as a rule, a loss of time of several months. Time that you do not have, not to mention the high extra costs.

Save valuable time and costs compared to clinical trials with the unfortunate typical course of patient recruitment (red curve in diagram). Our process model results in a patient recruitment that works from the beginning of the study (green curve in diagram), often even better than the planned course (blue curve in diagram). 

Our staff has the knowledge and expertise to achieve the successful patient recruitment and efficient execution of your clinical trial! Join us as well to save valuable time and money in conducting your clinical trials!

What about your project? Are you planning a clinical study and worried about the success of patient recruitment? Or are you already conducting a clinical study and patient recruitment lags behind your expectations? Do you want that patient recruitment runs successful in your study, too?

Then let’s talk about how we can achieve this for you!