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What we do

Pharmatio is a specialty service provider for performance in clinical studies. We come from monitoring and know from our long-term experience in working with investigators and their study teams, how medical practices, clinic departments and study management organisations work and how clinical studies with these investigational sites can be conducted efficiently.

We use this knowledge to make your clinical trials successful. At that we focus on the trial sites because here the data of your clinical trials are generated.

The facts on the situation of clinical studies:

  • 80% of all clinical studies do not reach their target for patient recruitment.
  • 50% of all trial sites recruit only one or no patients at all.
  • 535,000 USD are the average direct costs to implement a substantial amendment in phase III clinical trials.

We believe that clinical studies can perform better than they normally do!

The keys to this are a careful analysis of the recruitment potential of the trial sites and of all the clinical study processes in regards to their practical feasibility, as well as good relationships and a supporting and trustful collaboration with the investigators and their teams.

Avoid with our services that your clinical studies suffer from the dilemma of patient recruitment, and achieve valuable savings in time and costs through selection of investigational sites that match with your study and proactive supervision of your investigators and their study teams!

We offer you three services aligned to each other to make your clinical trials performing and successful:

  • With our Clinical Trial Liaison (CTL) we achieve the successful patient recruitment as well as the effective and efficient conduct of your clinical studies.
  • Our High Quality Monitoring (HQM) ensures the protocol-compliant conduct of your studies and all-time “Inspection Readiness” of your study sites.
  • And our Clinical Trial Task Force (CTTF) is our expert team to master unforeseen or unplannable operational challenges in your clinical studies.

We are deliberately not a Full Service CRO, but focus on the essentials, i.e. we ensure that clinical studies run well, keep on going and are completed successfully. Everything else like logistics of the Investigational Medicinal Product or Medical Device, Data Management, Biostatistics and Pharmacovigilance, we organise with specialised service providers.

We can provide you with high-class teams for all tasks described in our range of service within very short time. Our experts have long-term experience in the operational conduct of clinical studies, and are very well networked within clinical research. On average our staff works since 12 years in clinical research, thereof at least 5 years in their specialty.

Pharmatio’s experts are familiar with the current regulatory requirements and work in the projects either according to Pharmatio's own SOPs or those of our clients.

Contact us to discuss the requirements of your project and to request your individual proposal!