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Welcome to Pharmatio!

We believe that clinical trials can perform better than they normally do!

The key to this is a careful analysis of the trial sites’ recruitment potential and of all the clinical trial processes in regards to their feasibility, as well as good relationships and trustworthy collaboration with the investigators.

With a Clinical Trial Liaison Team, you can achieve that. We will be happy to show you how we proceed on this. [More ...]

With our High Quality Monitoring we ensure the correct execution of all study-related tasks, which have to be completed by the study teams of clinical trial sites in the course of clinical studies from initiation to close out, and reach the goal of any-time „Inspection Readiness“ of the clinical trial sites participating in the studies.

Biopharmaceutical and medical companies thus avoid the increased personnel resources for preparing audits and inspections and the associated costs for the later implementation of Corrective and Preventive Actions CAPAs. [More ...]

And our Clinical Trial Task Force masters unplanned or unplannable operational challenges of your clinical studies. [More ...]

Clinical Trial Liaison
With a Clinical Trial Liaison Team we ensure the successful patient recruitment and an efficient conduct of clinical trials right from the start! So you stay with your project in time and budget with the highest data quality.
High Quality Monitoring
With our methodology you can achieve all-time "Inspection Readiness" of your clinical study. Experience a quantum leap in monitoring your trial sites through sophisticated processes and ensure yourself of the best quality at your trial sites. Thus you save valuable time and money with first-class clinical data.
Clinical Trial Task Force
Our experts are at your disposal to master challenges in your clinical trials that you can’t plan for out of budget reasons, such as rehashing a Trial Master File, preparing of problematic trial sites for an audit or an inspection, or balancing interests between a contract research organisation (CRO ) and you as the sponsor. Save your budget with extra staff right when you need it.